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  • Tire & Tube
  • Fuel & Air
  • LUggage


12 Volt Headlights
inch all black motorcycle headlight 6.5" All Black Headlight - Cafe / Clubman
  • Halogen H4 Bulb
  • Small running light included
  • Side mount with 8 x 1.25mm bolts
  • 7" between mounting holes
  • Includes wiring
  • Wire hole on bottom is 2"
  • Plastic lens


7 inch bike helmet 7" Headlight
  • Designed for Halogen H4 55/60w Bulb (Not Included)
  • Includes wiring and small running/parking light
  • Available with a Black or Chrome (metal) Shell
  • Chrome retaining ring
  • Side mount with 8mm x 1.25 bolts
  • 8" between mounting holes
  • Plastic Lens

Choose Color

5 3/4" Motorcycle Headlight Halogen 5 3/4" Headlight
  • Halogen H4 60/55w Bulb Included
  • Chrome shell and chrome retaining ring
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Side mount for 10 x 1.25 mm bolts
  • Glass lens
  • 6.25" between mounting holes


honda cb400 headlight HONDA CB400N Headlight
  • Replica Headlight
  • Can be used in a lot of custom applications
  • 5.75" Headlight
  • 7" between mounting holes
  • Does NOT include bulbs
  • Gloss Black plastic bucket


h4 headlight bulb H4 Headlight Bulb - 12v
  • Available in multiple wattages (first number is high beam)
  • 60/55w - Standard modern usage
  • 45/45w - For older bikes requiring less electrical draw
  • 35/35w - See above
  • 100/55w - Brighter high beam but generates more heat (possibilty of melting plastic housings)

Choose Style

h4 bulb bright white hid H4 Headlight Bulb - Bright White - 12v
  • Same 60/55w draw as a standard bulb
  • Light emitted is in a different K range
  • Produces a more white/blue light - up to 30% brighter
  • Xenon Gas Blue
  • Fits standard P43t base (3-prong)
  • DOT Approved


12 Volt Tail Lights
classic retro taillight motorcycle Classic / Retro Taillight (Black)
  • Lens is 2" diameter with brushed aluminum ring
  • 12 volt dual filament bulb, wiring, and license plate bracket
  • Clear lens on bottom for license plate light
  • Not D.O.T approved


lucas taillight Lucas Taillight
  • 12 volt dual filament bulb
  • Chrome housing, lens is 4" wide
  • Clear bottom of lens for license plate light
  • Not D.O.T approved


round taillight LED Sparto Custom Taillight
  • 25 individual LED's behind a 2" lens
  • Taillight and Brake light
  • Chromed steel housing
  • No license plate light
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Not D.O.T approved


12 Volt Turn Signals
turn signals marker lights bike K& S Aluminum Turn Signals
  • These are some of our favorite turn signals
  • Aluminum body looks good on just about any bike
  • Available with an Amber or Clear Lens
  • These are a 3 wire signal and can be wired to use as running lights AND turn signals (or just turn signals)
  • 12v applications only
  • 10mm mount
  • Sold in Pairs
Choose Lens

aluminum turn signals motorcycle K&S Round "Bullet" Signals
  • These are similar to the ones above but with a more rounded aluminum body
  • These are a two wire only signal for use as Turn Signals OR Running Lights (not both)
  • 12v applications only
  • 10mm mount
  • Amber or Clear
  • Sold in pairs
Choose Lens

lucas turn signal "Lucas" Turn Signal
  • A remake of a classic
  • 3" (80mm) stem
  • Lens is 2.5" in diameter
  • Chromed plastic housing, 10mm steel mount
  • Single wire (grounds through the mount)
  • Fits left or right
  • Sold each


small chrome turn signal running light "Oval" Turn Signals
  • Available in Chrome or Black
  • 1.75" Stem
  • 10mm Mount
  • 4" overall length
  • Chrome signal has a 2 wire hookup / 12 Volt
  • Black signal has a 3 wire hookup (can be wired for turn signals and/or running lights) / 12 Volt
  • Sold in Pairs

Choose Color

motorcycle turn signal 12v arrow "Arrow" Turn Signals
  • 2 Wire Signal / 12 Volt
  • 1.5" Stem
  • 3.5" Overall Length
  • 8mm Mount
  • Sold in Pairs

$12.95 / pair

bike turn signal cateye "Cat Eye" Turn Signals
  • 1.5" Stem
  • 3.5" Overall Length
  • 2 Wire Signal / 12 Volt
  • 8mm Mount
  • Sold in Pairs

$12.95 / Pair

6 or 12 Volt Coils
motorcycle ignition coil honda Ignition Coil - Honda Style
  • Universal Application: 12 or 6 volt
  • Two wire (one ground), with 18" spark plug wire
  • Ground wire eyelet hole is 6mm
  • Single bolt (6mm) mounting hole
  • This is a copy of a coil used on a lot of Honda's, including CR, XR, and TRX's


motorcycle, scooter, atv, coil Ignition Coil
  • Universal Application: 12 or 6 volt
  • Single wire (coil is grounded through the mounting bracket)
  • Mounting holes are 1 1/4" center to center
  • Spark plug wire is 18" in length


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