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gt 650 accessories

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  Hyosung GT 650 Radiator Hose Kit Radiator Hose Kit
  • Fits all GT 650's (All models, all years)
  • Currently available in Red or White
  • Other colors may come available depending on demand
  • Includes Stainless Steel Stepless Clamps for a clean "Factory" look
$99.99 /set

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  hyosung master cylinder cap reservoir Reservoir Cap - Front Master Cylinder
  • Billet Aluminum Reservoir Cap
  • Will fit all GT 250's and GT 650's
  • Also fits the ST 7 and TE 450S
  • Genuine Hyosung Accessory
  • "Hyosung" engraved on top
  • Anodized - Available in Red, Gold or Black

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  gt reservoir cap brake Reservoir Cap - Rear Master Cylinder
  • Billet Aluminum Reservoir Cap
  • Fits all GT 250's and GT 650's
  • Fits the GV 650 and ST 7
  • Genuine Hyosung Accessory
  • "Hyosung" and logo engraved on top
  • Anodized - Available in Red, Blue or Gold
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  hyosung gt fork slider Fork Sliders
  • Helps protect your forks and wheel in case of a crash
  • Will fit all GT 250's and GT 650's
  • Includes mounting instructions
  • Available in Black with Red Anodized accents


  rear luggage rack hyosung gt Rear Luggage Carrier
  • Two Versions: One for the "New" GT 250's and GT 650's with the redesigned tail section 2010 and newer
  • One for the 2005 - 2009 with the "Old" tail section
  • Mounts very easily with bolts already on your bike
  • Will allow you to mount a hard box if needed
  • Genuine Hyosung Accessory
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  hyosung key chain Hyosung Keychain
  • Quality Brown Leather with Polished Emblem
  • Genuine Hyosung Accessory
  • Perfect gift for any Hyosung Owner


  gt650 belly pan hyosung
Belly Pan
  • Fits all GT 650's
  • Red and White In Stock (Black, Blue, Yellow Special Order)
  • Includes mounting hardware and directions
  • Fiberglass Color "Gel Coat" - NOT painted or color matched exactly to Hyosungs'
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  GT 650 LED Tail and Brake Light NEW! 2010 and Newer - LED tail light WITH integrated turn signals
  • Red Tail and Brake Light
  • Orange Turn Signal LED's on the sides
  • Direct plug and play
  • Clear only for now
  • Fits 2010 and later GT 650's and GT 250's


  hyosung led brake light
LED Tail and Brake Light w/ Integrated Turn Signals
  • Features Red running light and brake light
  • Integrated Orange Turn Signal Lights mean you can ditch your rear turn signals
  • Signal resistors maintain the stock flash rate
  • Direct plug and play for all 2004 - 2009 GT 650's
  • Available with a Clear or Tinted/Smoke Lens
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  led light gt250 hyosung LED Tail / Brake Light
  • Direct Plug and Play for the GT 650 and GT 650R / S
  • All 2009 and earlier models
  • 16 Bright Red LED's with a lightly smoked lens
  • Does NOT include turn signals (running light and brake light only)


  hyosung oil fill plug gt LP Oil Fill Plug
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Pre Drilled for safety wire
  • Available in Red, Black, Silver or Gold (click on thumbnail for more pictures)
  • Includes new o-ring
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  Yoshimura Oil Fill Plug
  • Made by Yoshimura
  • Trademark Magnasonian finish
  • Lightweight aluminum, pre drilled for safety wire
  • We'll throw in a new o-ring with each plug for free


  hyosung oil fill plug Pingel Oil Fill Plug
  • Red anodized aluminum
  • Includes new o-ring


  hyosung rear hugger gt650 skidmarx Rear Hugger
  • Skidmarx
  • Black gelcoat fiberglass
  • Will fit all GT650's
  • Includes mounting hardware and instructions


  hyosung rear hugger Rear Hugger
  • Skidmarx
  • Real Carbon Fiber, very lightweight and looks amazing
  • Fits all GT 650's
  • Includes mounting hardware and instructions


  skidmarx solo seat cowl hyosung Solo Seat Cowl
  • Skidmarx - currently available in Black gelcoat only
  • Uses mounting hardware from your original seat
  • Includes instructions
  • Fits '05 - '09


  skidmarx windscreen hyosung gt650 Skidmarx Windscreen
  • This screen has a larger bubble than the Puig screen
  • Currently available in Dark Smoke (other colors by special order)
  • 2005-2012


  skidmarx headlight cover Headlight Cover
  • Skidmarx - Dark Tint
  • Includes an easy on/ easy off mounting system


  hyosung fenda extenda gt Fender Extender (Front)
  • Pyramid "Fenda Extenda"
  • Helps keep rocks and debris from damaging the radiator
  • Fits all GT 650's
  • Easy to mount
  • Black Only


  hyosung frame sliders gt650 RD Moto Frame Sliders (No Cut)
  • 2005-2012 GT 650R
  • We finally have some frame sliders that do not require you to cut your fairing!!
  • Black Only


  leo vince muffler hyosung Leo Vince Muffler (ON SALE - OVER 50% OFF)
  • Only 1 left at this price!
  • Easy "bolt on" application
  • Removable DB "Killer"

  hyosung two brothers muffler Two Brothers Muffler
  • Available in polished aluminum, titanium or carbon
  • Super lightweight
  • Loudest of the bolt on mufflers
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  k&n air filter hyosung gt gv K&N Air Filter ............FINALLY!
  • Fits all Carbureted GT 650's
  • Re-Useable, Million Mile Guarantee
  • Made in the USA


  bmc filter kit BMC Filter Cleaning/Care Kit
  • Includes a cleaning agent and oil specifically for your BMC or K&N air filter to keep it working like new


  hyosung jet kit Dyno Jet Carb Kit
  • Includes new needles and new jets to improve the responsiveness of your GT 650


  hyosung headlight bulb Headlight Kit
  • Replaces the headlight bulbs on your 650 S/R with super bright white/blue, HID like units
  • Rated at 4300 degrees Kelvin
  • Please check the back of your headlight housing for proper bulb styles
  • If you look at the plastic housing surrounding each bulb it will say either H1 or H3
  • Earlier 650's (05-07?) used an H1/H3 combination
  • Newer 650's (08? - 13) use and H1/H1 combination
Choose Bulbs

  ais kit AIS Kit
  • Designed to block off the Secondary Air Injection
  • Eliminates backfiring on deceleration
  • Includes instructions (actual kit may differ slightly from picture)
  • Click HERE for more pictures


  stainless brake lines Spiegler Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Increases your stopping power and looks good
  • Our kits include new aluminum banjo bolts
  • Front and rear lines available separately or as a complete package
  • Multiple colors available by special order
  • Clear lines always in stock

Choose Model

  hyosung brake pads EBC Brake Pads
  • The best thing you can do for your brakes
  • Available in an organic pad or sintered metal (HH) for even more stopping power
  • You will need two (2) sets for the front and one (1) for the rear
Choose Material

  hyosung rear brake rotor EBC Rear Brake Rotor
  • Direct bolt on replacement for the GT
  • We recommend installing EBC pads with this rotor
  • You will need to adjust your brake pedal to prevent your rotor from future damage
  • Click HERE for the PDF instructions


  led turn signals LED turn signals
  • Available for the Front or Rear
  • Rears mount directly to Fender Eliminator
  • If mounting the fronts or the rears to stock bodywork you will need to enlarge the current mounting holes
  • Available in a Black body with a Clear, Smoke, or Amber lens
  • Sold in Pairs
Choose Color

  led flasher relay Turn Signal Relay (for LED's)
  • If you install LED turn signals front and rear you will need to replace your flasher relay (under the seat)
  • Includes mounting instruction


  puig windscreen PUIG "Double Bubble" Windscreens
  • The "bubble" is not very large but it is there
  • Available in Smoke, Dark Smoke, Black, "Carbon Look", Clear, Red, Yellow, or Blue
  • Fits 2005-2012


Choose Color

  hyosung carbon fiber mirror GT 650 R/S Carbon Mirrors
  • Direct bolt on replacement for your original mirrors
  • Not rear carbon fiber but a carbon fiber print
Choose Side

  hyosung GT mirror GT 650 R/S Mirrors
  • Same as above in basic black
Choose Side

  gt 650 naked mirror GT 650 Naked - Mirror Set
  • These look nearly identical to the OEM ones
  • Available in pairs only


  gt650 mirror GT 650 Naked - Mirror Set
  • Shorter version of the mirrors above
  • Available in pairs only


  crg bar end motorcycle mirror "CRG Style" Bar End Mirror
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • 3" convex mirror
  • Ball joint allows them to be adjusted to nearly any position
  • Includes inside bar mount or can be clamped around handlebar
  • For 7/8" bars only
  • Available individually or as a pair

  gt sprocket Front Sprocket - JT or PBI
  • Available in 14, 15, or 16 Teeth
  • Fits stock 525 chain
  • 14 tooth provides quicker acceleration, will increase RPM's at cruising speed
  • 15 tooth = stock
  • 16 tooth = decreased cruising RPM's
Choose Size

  gt650 rear sprocket Rear Aluminum Sprocket
  • Fits stock 525 chain size
  • Available in 44, 46, or 48 teeth
  • You will need a longer chain if you change to a 46t or 48t sprocket
  • If you want the stock steel sprocket click HERE
Choose Size

  gt650 chain sprocket 520 conversion kit 520 Chain Conversion Kit
  • Includes Steel Front Sprocket, Aluminum Rear Sprocket and EK or RK O-ring chain
  • Available with 14t front (-1) or 15t front and......
  • 44,46, or 48 Rear

Choose Size

  hyosung frame sliders

Vortex Frame Sliders
  • Back in Stock! Aluminum base with BLACK puck
  • Will require you to drill a hole in your fairing if you have an R model GT650
  • Replacement parts avialable, see below

  gt650 frame slider Vortex Frame Sliders Replacement "Pucks"
  • Sold Each

  vortex frame slider bolts Vortex Frame Sliders Replacement Bolts
  • Sold Each


  lsl footpegs LSL Footpeg Brackets
  • Brackets available for the front or rear
  • You must purchase the brackets in order to mount the LSL Footpegs
  • Footpegs sold seperately, see below
Choose Position

  hyosung footpegs

LSL "Slash Cut" Footpegs
  • Available in multiple colors (Sold in Pairs)
  • You must have the LSL Brackets (above) in order to mount these footpegs
Choose Color

  gt650 footpeg race LSL LSL "Race" Footpegs
  • Available in multiple colors (Sold in Pairs)
  • You must have the LSL Brackets (above) in order to mount these footpegs
Choose Color

  GT 650 Swingarm Sliders Pro-Tek Swingarm Sliders (Spools)
  • Delrin material for crash protection
  • Work for a rear lift stand as well
  • Available in Red, Black, or White
  • Fit ALL GT 650's
Choose Color

  GT 650 Swingarm Spools Pro-Tek Swingarm Spools
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Fit ALL GT 650's
  • Available in Red, Black, Silver or Chrome
Choose Color

  hyosung swingarm spools

Swingarm Spools - Pit Bull

  • To be used with a rear stand
  • Available in Silver, Black, Blue, or Red
  • Makes lubing your chain much easier
  • Provides a small amount of protection for your swingarm as well
Choose Color

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