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Genuine Blur Scooter Parts (150 and 220)

genuine pgo oil filter hf183 Oil Filter
  • Blur 150 - 220i
  • This is an aftermarket HiFlo Filter
  • Has a "slot" to tighten with a large screwdriver
  • OEM version has a "nut" to tighten with a wrench

  Oil Filter Kit
  • Includes Oil Filter, O-Rings, and Crush (Sealing) Washer that should be replaced when changing your engine oil
  • Crush Washer = Drain Plug
  • O-Rings = Oil Screen Cover and Dipstick

buddy fuel filter Fuel Filter
  • Includes fuel filter and rubber mounting strap
  • Blur 150

NGK CR7E spark Plug Blur 220i

NGK Spark Plug

  • Stock on your Blur 220i and the Venture 50
  • CR7E

Buddy Dipstick PGO Genuine

Engine Oil Dipstick

  • Fits the Blur 150
  • Includes new o-ring
$ 7.90

Blur 150 Ignition Coil

Ignition Coil

  • Includes Coil, Spark Plug Wire, and Spark Plug Cap
  • Fits Blur 150
$ 39.00

buddy starter relay Starter Relay
  • If your engine will not turn over at all and your battery tests OK this could be your issue (troubleshoot properly)
  • Includes relay and rubber strap/mount
  • Blur 150 - 220i

brake light switch genuine pgo Brake Light Switch - Front or Rear
  • Blur 150 - 220i
  • Activates your brake light and allows the scooter to start

variometer slide piece Slide Pieces
  • Variator component
  • Sold as a set of 3
  • Blur 150 - 220i

valve cover gasket genuine buddy Valve Cover Gasket (O-Ring)
  • Blur 150

exhaust gasket buddy Exhaust Gasket
  • Fits between cylinder head and muffler assy
  • Blur 150

float bowl o-ring genuine O-Ring - Float Bowl
  • New float bowl o-ring
  • Its good to have one on hand anytime you are going to crack open the carburetor for cleaning or re-jetting
  • Fits Blur 150

float needle genuine buddy Float Needle
  • Keeps the carb from overflowing - can wear out over time
  • Blur 150

idle jet genuine buddy Idle Jet (Slow Jet)
  • Blur 150
  • #38 is the stock size
  • #40 and #42 may provide a more steady idle or if you have any
    performance modifications on your scooter

Choose Size

Genuine - PGO Screw 4x12


  • Common screw used throughout all Genuine scooters
  • Part number is: 90110401200
  • Check the parts manuals to see where it is used
  • 4 x 12 self tapping screw - Black
$ 1.16


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